I launched Stories21 as an online tool for an emerging community of digital storytellers. As the site grows, it will contain video tutorials, book and equipment reviews, interviews, editorial content, and analysis of individual digital stories.

The Stories21 is based on four principles:

  • Listening is a storyteller's superpower.
  • Community is the reason we tell stories.
  • The tools you choose shape the stories you tell.
  • Experimentation is essential to discovering your story.

My primary goal is to provide digital storytellers with a shared space. They can find readings on storytelling and narrative theories, reviews of popular hardware and software options, interviews with storytellers and workshop facilitators, and tutorials for relevant storytelling tools.

In its early stages. The basic idea is that Stories21 is full of information about storytelling tools and techniques. If there's enough interest, storytellers would be able to gather as a community to share stories, either in-progress or ready to be seen.

I would love to eventually see Stories21 become a place people can invest long-term in learning the craft of digital storytelling.