Higher Education Consultant & Workshop Facilitator


StoryCenter, 2007-present.

For the past four years, I've been acting as a Higher Ed Consultant for StoryCenter to inform overall organizational strategies toward higher education clients. I help collaborate with colleges and universities to develop comprehensive approaches to applying digital storytelling principles to diverse learning initiatives. I contribute experience as professor, scholar, and digital storyteller. Together, we tailor programmatic applications to specific institutional objectives.

  • Consult with senior StoryCenter staff on Higher Education client development strategies.
  • Develop new clients and consult with existing clients on custom storytelling initiatives.

I have also been facilitating digital storytelling workshops for StoryCenter for the past twelve years. I have helped people at all stages of the workshop process to find their own story and to tell it in their own voice. Participants begin the three-day workshop by sharing their own personal stories within a story circle where they receive feedback and ideas from the facilitators and fellow storytellers. They also participate in discussions of core concepts including the effective use of audio and visual elements, as well as tutorials introducing them to basic audio/video editing software and techniques. Each of the participants shares their finished story as part of a screening at the workshop's conclusion.

  • Facilitated dozens of three-day digital storytelling workshops of 6-35 people, often working with a co-facilitator.
  • Introduced and discussed digital storytelling concepts and techniques.
  • Lead group story circle where participants share and develop draft scripts.
  • Worked one-on-one with participants to revise scripts.
  • Presented tutorials on audio and video production.
  • Helped participants finish and share their digital stories.