Educational Content Production

  • As an instructor and scholar in higher education: Developed dozens of discrete courses focusing primarily on writing and technology, as well as corresponding syllabi, assignment descriptions, study guides, and tutorials. Also developed and taught courses on Literature, Humanities, Digital Storytelling, Language and Culture, Narrative Theory, and Web Design.
  • As an Assistant Professor of Teaching: Helped lead a team to write a program-specific writing textbook. Responsible for researching and writing two chapters in addition to multimedia support materials for several others.

Team and Client Collaboration

  • As StoryCenter’s Higher Education Consultant: Collaborate with colleges and universities to develop comprehensive approaches to applying digital storytelling principles to diverse learning initiatives. Contribute experience as professor, scholar, and digital storyteller. Tailor programmatic applications to specific institutional objectives.
  • As Assistant Director of the Watson Conference Committee:  Helped develop conference theme, hired an organization to conduct a large pre-conference workshop, coordinated public events at various Louisville locations, selected, invited, hired, and managed a large set of presenters and keynote speakers featured over several days.
  • As a teacher and scholar: Published three co-authored peer-reviewed journal articles and one edited collection. Collaboratively designed and taught four different writing courses. Co-taught a summer publishing technologies workshop over six summers. Co-produced and hosted a scholarly and creative-critical podcast for two seasons.

Strategic Learning Development

  • As Assistant Professor of Teaching: Collaborated in redesigning CCC’s Professional Writing Program to focus on 21stcentury writing practices and technologies. Rolled out new curriculum to thousands of CCC students and continued to evolve the program in response to data-driven feedback from students and instructors.
  • As Assistant Director of Composition: Collaboratively supported a large number of writing instructors. Provided practical teaching ideas, syllabus development and compliance, student/instructor conflict resolution, teaching observations, and technology support.

Technology Competencies

  • Software: Solid working knowledge of  Learning Management Systems, WordPress, Adobe Creative Suite (Audition, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator), Hindenburg Journalist, Audacity, WeVideo, HTML, CSS.
  • Hardware: Digital cameras and lenses. Portable audio recorders and interfaces, mixing boards, and microphones.

Diverse Creative & Professional Background

  • Ongoing project providing resources, reviews, and tutorials for independent digital storytellers.
  • Masters of Text Podcast: Co-produced and co-hosted two seasons of this podcast to explore alt-alphabetic texts and creative-critical scholarship.
  • Pottery Studio: Served as a full-time apprentice for two years before opening my own pottery studio producing four lines of functional tableware, as well as decorative work and custom orders.